Choosing a domain name

Choosing A Domain Name: Essential Top Tips

The majority of people start with a brain-storming session: so when choosing a domain name for your new business, you need to know what the most important elements to consider before making a decision.

With premium domain names getting harder every year to find, and new record prices being achieved across the board in all industries.

The message is crystal clear: You simply must get the best Domain Name for your business to secure the future success of your business venture.

Finding and discovering unique brandable premium domain names for sale is quite an art and very time consuming.

Fortunately, Thrive Domains spend hours and hours every day of the week in search of the occasional gem that slips through; which hopefully will save you having to take the huge amount of time and effort required to find the perfect domain name for your online presence.

From our experience you can search for weeks without any worthwhile names coming to the market worth consideration.

Choosing A Domain Name

​​​​Choosing A Domain Name is not a game of chance!

Choosing A Domain Name Essential Top Tips

On the worldwide web, great content matched with a great and easy to remember and spell domain name increases your bottom line in every respect.

The best Domain Names are simple, targeted and easy-to-remember generic names. Your domain name will be your online identity on the web; so make sure you choose a domain name that not only works for your business, but is also simple to find and promote.

No.1 Essential Tip - Choose a dot com if at all possible. Every successful business will eventually need to get the dot version of their domain name.

No.2 Essential Tip - Try to find a domain that describes your product, service, or company as clearly as possible.

No.3 Essential Tip - If you are choosing a made-up word that you are planning to use as a brand, make sure it is short, easy to spell and memorable. Example, (would be good for a David Bowie fan site an animal welfare site etc. Think, google, yahoo, bing etc, these had no meaning for the great majority of us and now they are household names. How about our domain name, I'm sure that could become a global brand.

No.4 Essential Tip - Make sure it is easy to type.

No.5 Essential Tip - Make sure it easy to pronounce.

No.6 Essential Tip - Hyphens and numbers are not recommended.

No.7 Essential Tip - It is recommended by most professionals to keep your name under fifteen letters.

Well, that's a few tips to help you on your way to becoming the next amazon or netflix, I wish you every success in your endeavors.

My favorite quote:

"Is a domain a commodity? An investment? A safe haven? Real estate?
Yes and much more.

It is the most portable asset the world has ever known.
But bigger than all that is:
A Great Domain Name is an Equalizer!"

~ Rick Schwartz aka “The Domain King”

Another great quote

"Naming a business is a lot like laying the cornerstone of a building.
Once it’s in place, the entire foundation and structure is aligned to that original stone.
If it’s off, even just a bit, the rest of the building is off, and the misalignment becomes amplified.
So if you have that gnawing sense that choosing a name for your new business is vitally important
you’re right.

~ Entrepreneur Magazine

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