Premium Domain Names Checklist

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Here is the Premium Domain Names Checklist we use at Thrive Domains to find a Premium Domain Name.

But first a few things to consider before jumping in the at the deep end.

What turns a regular domain name into a Premium Domain Name?

Most people generally start looking for a domain name that would be a good fit for their business, only to find every last one of them has already been registered.
I expect you've searched for a domain name only to find that it’s already registered!

On the other hand, maybe you've searched for a domain name and been redirected to a site where the domain name is offered for sale at a huge premium.

Frustrating or what?

Welcome to the world of premium domain names.

You are probably thinking why should I pay such a premium on a domain name that costs just as much to register as any other domain name with the same TLD (top level domain) extension.

There is a simple answer: - Supply and Demand!

The majority of prime domain names were registered years ago, so the chances of picking one up for registration cost is virtually impossible in today's world!

It's worth a mention, that people and businesses across the world buy premium domain names purely as an investment, which inevitably pushes prices ever upwards.
On the plus side, if you do decide to take the plunge and buy a premium domain name it is likely to become an appreciating asset.

Who would have thought a day would come to pass where domain names would be seen as an investment?

There are domain names that make hundreds of thousands and even the odd one that makes seven or eight figures.

Top 2019 sale - sold for over $30 million us dollars.

Domains are considered premium for a large number of reasons including length, number of keywords, and brandability.

A premium domain name is a domain that has generally been registered some years ago, often over twenty years ago.

Domain names are considered premium for very many reasons including length, keywords, and brandability.

It's also worth noting that some registries reserve some domain names that they consider premium and price them as such.

Most people who are starting on a new business venture, want to be seen as credible and an authority in their niche as soon possible; so finding a domain name with top keywords in your niche can play a great part in establishing your online business as an authority.

Premium Domain Names Checklist
Premium Domain Name Checklist
  • Dot Com
    If at all possible and the price is within your budget
  • Country code ok if no plans for expansion
    Example: .US - .FR - .CO.UK etc.
  • One keyword is best
    No more than 3 keywords
  • Make sure it is easy to spell
    It needs to pass the Radio-Test
  • No hyphens or Numbers (odd exceptions)                                         
  • Keep it short                                          
    Under 15 letters

Think of a premium domain as just one of your many startup costs.
When you are starting a new project, buying a premium domain name can be one of the most important decisions you will make.

Use the premium domain names checklist to make the best decisions you can when looking for the best domain name for your new enterprise.

The perfect premium domain name will pay you back many times over during the ensuing years, and it will also turn out to be a great investment.

You will probably come to regard it as the best investment you made at the implementation of your online venture.

I wish you good luck with new online venture,

Myke O Neill
Founder & CEO