About Us

About Us

Let me introduce you to Thrive Domains

I have been involved in the world of Internet Marketing for over fifteen years now, and I find It quite incredible the amount of changes that have taken place in that time.

I became involved in the domaining industry by chance, I kept coming across various articles about the extraordinary prices some premium domains were achieving: a few domain names changing hands for millions of dollars every year; six figure amounts for a good domain name almost every week. and so my interest in the domain industry began in earnest.

I don't think many people could have predicted just how important the internet would become to the world at large; never mind the average person in the street. It became quite evident that for a business to remain viable in the modern internet age, it would require an online presence and the choice of domain name would become of paramount importance.

I can't see the world-wide demand for great domain names going into decline any time soon. There are some people now who buy great domains purely as investments. When you think most domains were originally registered for a few dollars and now-a-days some of the best names achieve prices in the millions on a regular basis.

A lot of people are now saying the market is going to change for the worse because of Covid 19. I'm of the opposite opinion, my reasoning being: If people are afraid to go out to a bricks and mortar store, an online presence will be more important than ever.

Start with a Great Domain Name

Ever since the advent of online marketing and eCommerce, building a new business always starts with a great domain name.
You really do need to put maximum effort into getting this right from the get-go!
The cost of changing names down the line will be a formidable task and very expensive.
It will make the cost of a premium domain name seem like the ultimate bargain!

It's worth remembering that a Premium Domain Name is highly likely to increase in value
as the demand for Premium Names only gets stronger!

Why Thrive Domains?

The reason this website came into being, is because over the years I have accumulated a fairly respectable portfolio of premium domain names.

The large majority of domain names that I have sold have come through inquiries from people that have taken the trouble to find out that who actually owned a particular domain name they were searching for.

I am now semi-retired so I thought I would focus my energies on building this site.

a.) Because I love searching for hidden gems

b.) I enjoy building websites

So, this basically kills two birds with one stone.

I hope you find it of interest and will let me know of anything you think that can be improved.

Many thanks and good fortune with your business ventures,

(Founder & CEO)

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